Weekend Thinking: Bike Shed Envy

From one of the stars of The 35 Degrees…

I Do Not Despair

In the Ten Commandments and indeed in the equally important Rules of the Velominati there is no line that says “thou shalt not covet your neighbour’s bike shed”.

Which is good news, because I have been coveting a bit lately. Some of my readers will recall passing references to my amazing bike shed here in Belgium. Alas it is no more, because the reality of house purchasing means that since February I have significantly downscaled from the marvellous milking barn that was my rented storage point for the past three years.

Kevin Mayne's Bike Shed

So I have re-joined the group of serial denialists, convincing themselves that just another hook or shelf is all it needs to make their space workable, at least if it means nothing has to be thrown away or sold, especially as I need to keep N+1 essential bikes.

The timing is all the more painful because my old bike…

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