The Correlation Between Craft Beer And… Cycling?

Does it exist? Apparently so… I know this as last week I received an email from Ben Black of Beer 52 in Edinburgh.

“I wondered if you would like to review our craft beer club – Beer52. It may seem like a digression from your normal posts, but what we have discovered since starting in 2013 is that there is a real correlation between craft beer lovers and cycling enthusiasts.”

So there you go; conclusive proof. Ben continued:

“Our founder James Brown started the club in 2013 after he went on a motorcycle ‘craft beer road trip’ around the UK. After that trip, he put together a team of craft beer experts who now handpick eight different beers each month for our members to try. We’re sourcing exclusive, small batch beers from the best tiny and experimental breweries around the world. We also produce a great in-house magazine about the beers we feature called Ferment.”

I think I’m in the wrong job. How do you become a member of a team of craft beer experts? While you’re pondering that thought, let me tell you that on Saturday morning, a box arrived containing 8 beers from around the world…


…along with a copy of the magazine. As luck would have it, I was attending a family barbeque and as far as I could see, the beers went down very well indeed.

First up were a couple of Danish bottles from the Mikkeller brewery, two more Danish beers from To Øl called ‘My Pils‘ and ‘Baltic Frontier‘, the curiously-named ‘Don’t Break the Oat‘ stout from Sweden, an Irish IPA called ‘Red Doe‘, a Scottish wheat beer from Stewart Brewing, and the Chilean ‘Nazca‘ (see video below). Needless to say I returned home with an empty box. Well, no I didn’t, I left it for my brother to recycle but that’s too much information.

Full details of the Beer 52 offer is on the company’s website of course and if you quote the discount code CYCEU10 you will get £10 off your first order. Highly recommended!

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  1. If only I had £24 a month spare! I’ll just have to stick to home brew including such delights as Tread Gingerly (9% abv ginger beer), One Bad Apple (cider), Perry Comatose (perry), Bee Sting (mead – currently fermenting, expected abv 15%) and the ever dependable falling-over-water of choice, 8% abv elderflower champagne.

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