“Don’t Forget Your Pump… Don’t Give Up!”

By Shaun Lane, BiPolar UK

“I felt like a challenge, not having ridden 100 miles for a very long time, something like 30 years!”


In 2014 Steve took part in the Prudential Ride100. Having been diagnosed with bipolar in 1997 Bipolar UK is very close to Steve’s heart and so he decided to take on the Ride100 and raise money for a worthy cause that helps 80,000 individuals and families living with bipolar.

In order to really get the most out of this wonderful event and enjoy the route to its fullest Steve focused on getting his training right. Armed with a solid training plan Steve developed over the months and hit a 93 mile ride two weeks before the event date allowing a rest period before the big day.

 “I can’t overestimate the importance of training to your enjoyment on the day.”

Having a well-planned training schedule means that not only are you working up to completing the event in the most enjoyable way but you also have a great goal in mind for developing your own fitness.

The day itself was one to remember – catching the tail end of hurricane Bertha the roads were awash with rain. With all the grit being washed to the side of the rod there were countless punctures, and having forgotten his pump, Steve had to walk his bike to a technical stop, for repair.

There’s a lesson for you – don’t forget your pump, but more importantly – don’t give up!

Needless to say, with a solid training schedule and determination Steve made it over the finish line feeling like a true champion. With so many people along the route cheering him on not even hurricane Bertha could dampen his spirits.

 “The finish was fantastic.”

Thanks to Steve’s help we even more people can get the support they need.

If Steve’s wonderful journey has inspired you to take part in the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 please follow this link.”

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