Bikmo Hits The Big Screen With 10 Epic Must-See Films This Halloween…

By Emily Dunlop

With Halloween just around the corner, Bikmo Plus pay homage to the best horror films going, and the list just would not be complete without a thrilling cycling twist.

The Shining

Former Teacher turned Writer makes the foolish mistake of signing a contract to look after a Hotel, with a long and violent past. As Jack realises the error of this ways, his temper takes a more violent and angry manner. His Son Danny soon realises a special talent he possesses – The Shining. Danny uses his talent to inform people on the outside of the goings on in the hotel, in this classic horror.


I want to play a game” – the creepy voice from main character Jigsaw, whose game involves forcing humans into playing deadly trials in order to teach them how much life is worth. Billy is the puppet that appears in the Saw films, and is used by The Jigsaw Killer to communicate with his victims. Now, usually we’re a fan of tricycles. After seeing Billy ride around on his, we’re not so sure.

In The Mouth Of Madness

In this scary horror, insurance investigator John Trent tells his story to a psychiatrist as he looks into the disappearance of Sutter Cane, the world’s most notorious horror author. What he probably didn’t anticipate, is ultimate horror staring him back in the face. One of the scariest scenes of the film occurs when John and Linda are driving down the road, and encounter this bike pedalling man….scary or what!

The Spinster

This psychological thriller tells the tale of Phoebe, a bike mechanic and velovixen in search of her one true love. Capturing the spirit of cycle culture deep in San Fransisco, Phoebe’s quest spirals her into the deep and dark depths of romance. Love can really be a vicious cycle!

Blood Trails

Blood Trails is a bloody tale of obsession and revenge, showing how a Mountain biking trip into the wilderness can go terribly wrong if there is a jealous and murderous man about. Unfortunately for the couple looking to rekindle their romance following Anne’s unfaithfulness, the spot they’ve chosen for the weekend is also the destination of choice of her former lover. What will they do? Will their fear peddle them out of the forest alive?

And Soon The Darkness

Elevating to Euro-cult status, this 1970’s horror shows that there is more to this decade than pastel coloured ensembles, thick cut-tresses and bangs. This ‘holiday from hell’ documents Jane and Cathy’s bike trip in rural France, boasting suspense, fright, confusion and a lot of chilling moments. Perfect for Halloween, right?

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

A classic tale, E.T. makes our list for its link with halloween, as opposed to it’s scary factor. When a gentle alien becomes stranded on earth, a little boy called Elliott befriends the alien and brings him into his suburban Californian house. Aware that his Mother will be more than a little freaked out by E.T. Elliott and his siblings decide to keep him a secret. How long can you keep an alien hiding in your home a secret? Especially when he’s home-sick. BMX’s to the rescue, the kids attempt to get our favourite alien home safely in this classic scene.

World War Z

When the world is plagued by a mysterious infection, turning all contaminated into rampaging mindless zombies, former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane is on a mission to investigate. Taking him around the world on a perilous trek, Lane comes into horrific dangers and encounters with the contaminated. When riding from the Hanger to the Aeroplane, Zombies are on the attack. Will they get away in time?

I’m Not Scared

I’m Not Scared is a frightening tale from the Oscar-winning Director of Mediterraneo, which unfolds when 10 year old Michele is cycling along, enjoying the blissful summer in Italy when he discovers a dark secret at an abandoned farmhouse. The secret is about to tear his world apart, taking him from childhood into an adult world instantly as, unbeknownst to him, he has uncovered a conspiracy involving his violent Father, and some dodgy characters from the big city. If only he’d carried on riding!

Return to Oz

Of course it was never going to be a happy ever after for Dorothy Gale. Six months after returning from the Land of Oz, it appears that Dorothy had become melancholic, resulting in her Aunt & Uncle taking her to a place known for electrotherapy treatments. This is where things go terribly wrong, as we see Dorothy entering a dark and scary plot. Upon seeing the sign “BEWARE THE WHEELERS”, prepare to see malevolent psychopaths on wheels, (which could be perceived as bicycles) chasing poor Dorothy who’s quite literally terrified for her life. If only we could have caused some serious punctures!

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