Useful Apps For Cyclists

By Thomas Carter

Although the humble activity of cycling has been with us for around 200 years, the basic form of cycling hasn’t changed too dramatically. However, thanks to the digital revolution, there are now a many apps available to assist the modern cyclist.



Despite the worldwide popularity of mapping apps such as Google Maps, there are a few apps that have been specially devised to cater to cyclists.

One of the most celebrated of these apps is the Strava app that in just over five years has helped cyclists track and record their cycling routes through GPS technology that can provide a huge amount of other helpful data such as speed and distance covered. The app also includes a social function by allowing the rider to compare their speeds to other cyclists who have covered the route, and even take part in special online challenges and tournaments.

For those seeking a little assistance in finding the best bike-friendly route in their area, the Bike Hub Journey Planner app provides the option of finding quick or quiet cycle routes via roads and cycle paths. And with a real-life voice navigation system in place, it’ll ensure that you never get lost.

Taking a break


Of course, we can’t all be expected to cycle endlessly. But by taking a break, we can also use apps to help reflect upon our performance and gear ourselves up for the next challenge.

For those who cycle as a way to stay fit, the My Fitness Pal app provides up-to-date information on the amount of calories burned through exercise, and can also deliver some helpful dietary tips. Whereas for those looking to engage their minds in other competitive areas, the Lucky Nugget Casino site offers a quick and easy game of online roulette that will provide you with an entertaining way to relax before the next cycling challenge.

Bike maintenance


Unfortunately, all of our bikes require a bit of maintenance every now and then. And whilst some might relish this task, others will find the latest selection of bicycle maintenance apps very useful.

The Bike Doctor app manages to liberate bike owners from often bewildering world of bicycle maintenance manuals by offering a simple step-by-step guide to fixing any mechanical issue on your bicycle.

And should you suffer a complete cycling breakdown in London, then the Cycle Hire app offers you quick and easy access to Barclay’s cycle hire scheme. The app helps you find bikes and docking stations in your area, and the helpful list of cycling routes will provide a much easier way to get around this increasingly bike-friendly city.

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  1. Andrew

    There’s a couple of iPhone apps I use that you might want to add to the list. The key thing about these are they are very simple and don’t need an Internet connection to work, which can be very useful in some parts of the U.K.

    OS Locate (free)
    It’s a Compass app that gives you the OS grid reference of where you are, simples……. This is particularly useful if you are cycling off road.

    Cycle routes ( paid for)

    It has an off line map of the National Cycle networks and surrounding roads and puts a dot where you are. This is great if you are following a NCN route and miss a turn (or think you have). There are also now versions for European cycle networks.


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