July 2015: Cycling Across The Island Of Nordkapp

A new short film… The final 50km or so of the epic 8,000km ride from Tarifa to Nordkapp. You may have seen bits of this before but not all of it, not in such high definition and certainly not with the added music! If you can’t spare 13 minutes to watch the whole thing, the first 2 minutes and final 4 minutes are the bits to select. The tunnel section was recorded on 27th July and the crossing of the island to Nordkapp on the 28th July. You can read what I posted at the time along with all the photographs by following this link (and then on subsequent links in the top right hand corner of each post). If all this is new to you… for the story of the entire 96 day cycle (and 15 days of not cycling!), follow this link. Or read the book later in 2016, Heading North on a Bike Called Reggie.


Categories: Cycling

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