Cycle To Work Day: 3rd September 2015

By Benjamin Murray

Cycle to Work day has been takingย place today and it’s a superb way for employers to encourage their staff to be healthy and active!

Getting involved

Cycle to Work Day aims to increase the figure of 760,000 people in Britain who already regularly cycle to work. The campaign’s aim is to see one million commuters enjoying their bikes every day. In 2014, over half a million miles were cycled collectively for the big day, which was supported by hundreds of firms, from small start-ups to large multinationals. This year, over 19,000 people have already pledged to get involved – including the Peldon Rose team!

Why cycling?

Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise. It strengthens muscles, works the cardiovascular system and releases those all-important endorphins into the bloodstream before a busy day at work. People who are active are healthier, stronger and report better moods and productivity. They also tend to avoid more of those annoying office bugs. At the same time, cycling rather than driving or taking public transport can save a great deal of money – and time which would otherwise be spent getting stressed in traffic jams.

Supporting bikes in office design

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 15.33.26London office design specialists Peldon Rose are proud to be a member of the Cycle Scheme and have many team members who are regular and enthusiastic cyclists! Not only does cycling promote good health and well-being but it saves our cyclists money and also means that they don’t get stuck in traffic when commuting.

Peldon Rose have also incorporate biking solutions into a number of client’s office designs. For example, at Kayak in London, Peldon Rose fitted a wall mounted bike rack for staff as part of the full office re-fit and design. Quirky LED wall mounted bike posts were also incorporated into the design of Office Space in Town @ Waterloo, which is a flexible office space for creatives!

Find out more

The national Cycle to Work event will hopefully help kick-start some new team-based competitions and challenges as well as raising the energy levels and motivation in offices across the country. After all, there is no better way than starting the working day with a workout, a shower and a good cup of coffee. Energy and creativity will abound!

For ideas on making the most of Cycle to Work Day and finding out ways in which to promote the scheme and get your teams involved, go to the Cycle to Work Day website.

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