Cycling Day 95: Olderfjord To Honningsvåg

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What a day! Horrendous weather for almost all the cycle but, well, I am in the north of Norway so I can’t complain too much. It’s never stopped me in the past however… Not a day for camping so after eating in Honningsvåg centre (not a place to put on your ‘must see’ list) I booked into the large hostel. Hans and Veronika are here too. We will all cycle up to the cape tomorrow, weather dependent, camp overnight up there before returning to Honningsvåg to go our separate ways on Wednesday… My voyage south on the MS Lofoton has been confirmed. It’s a small ship with only 150 cabins, no cars and no riff-raff (I checked). I expect it to be just like ‘Death on the Nile’, without (hopefully) the death. Or indeed the Nile…  


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  1. Fantastic stuff ! But when you get home , or before ….go to the cinema to see “13 minutes” and “Love and Mercy ” …Both get my ten out ten film awards ! I wanted to go cycling around Dismal Bradford today ! But went to the pictures instead …Fabulous !


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