Cycling Day 93: Sekkemo To Alta

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle.

Finally arrived in Alta. Can’t say I enjoyed the bulk of the cycling but there you go… I think today will have been my final 100+ km ride of the journey. Just 240 km now separates me from the finishing line at Nordkapp and it would be nice if that could be done as three cycles of 80 km (or thereabouts) each. On the subject of distances cycled, I have now completed 7,500 km in total. That was my original back-of-an-envelope estimate so it wasn’t too far from the reality.

The campsite I’ve found in Alta has exactly what I need to prepare for the final three days, especially a washing machine. I’d hate to turn up at Europe’s most northerly point not looking my best…

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  1. I hope you don’t go silent after reaching Nordkapp. I would love to share in your relatively luxurious adventures aboard Hurtigruten. Anyway, Ive enjoyed following along and Im keenly looking forward to the book

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  2. Was going to ask what happened at nordkapp but I see you have a plan! 4 days in a cabin I imagine will feel like luxury. Enjoy the last 3 cycle days and looking forward to seeing a pic of a relieved man and bike staring north into the Arctic ocean on Tuesday.

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