Cycling Day 92: Rotsundelva To Sekkemo

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It’s beginning to feel like – no it is! – the beginning of the end. Potentially just four more days to go and I’ll be at Nordkapp staring out into the vastness of the Arctic Ocean realising that I can’t cycle any further. Not that I want to; I’ve had my fill of living in a tent (tonight is my fourteenth consecutive night under man-made fiber) and am looking forward to living a more ‘normal’ life for a while (which will be in the cupboard under the stairs at my brother’s new house, just like Harry Potter…). Today the clouds descended and although the cycling was good, the views weren’t a patch on yesterday’s. I took some pictures of sheep which just about sums things up. Hopefully the weather gods will bless me with at least one more day of blue sky before my journey ends. Next Tuesday, the 28th July, is more or less the last opportunity to see the full midnight sun at Nordkapp before it starts its own journey south once again. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful way to end the trip by seeing it on the day of my arrival… Perhaps too much to expect but certainly something to hope for. 


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