Cycling Day 85: Skauvoll To Bodø

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A long, tough day. Many ups and downs. Weather, at times, not great. But I have arrived in Bodø. For me that’s more of a milestone than crossing the Arctic Circle as I seem to have said to so many people in the past few months “…and from Bodø I’m going to take the ferry to the Lofoton Islands”. Tomorrow, I’ll do just that.

Watch out for another post later tonight. As I explained last week I’ve cut down on the lengthy evening posts for good reasons, one of those was to spend a little more time videoing and using the SLR while cycling. You may have seen the video I posted to the Facebook page last night. Tonight, some of the pictures taken over the past few days with a ‘proper’ camera rather than the iPhone. That said, here are five iPhone pictures from today. The difference between last night’s campsite and tonight’s – much better – is stark:

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