Cycling Day 80: Water, Falling In A Good Way…

It’s now mid-afternoon and so far, no rain has fallen. My cycling day is nearly finished; I’m just waiting for the ferry to take me from Holm to Vennesund where there is, I’m promised, a campsite… It might be emergency food rations for my evening meal if there’s no shop on the other side of the water: baked beans (or tinned mackerel) and chocolate. Not together. I’m not Heston Blumenthal. It could be worse. No sign of the ferry yet… Enjoy the waterfall. It was one of many today which, after the rain of the previous few days, should come as no surprise. 

Mmm… Bit of an upload fail there. The video was shot in super slow motion but WordPress, ever eager to throw a spanner into the works, has decided to eradicate the slowness. 

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