Cycling Day 79: Namsos To Kolvereid

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Mmm… What to say about today apart from the rain? A ferry, lots of bridges, a rather drab destination. Not the most memorable of days. How can I keep this going if I get drenched by the end of each day? I certainly can’t afford to book into a hotel room to dry out every evening…

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  1. I sympathise entirely. A few years back I rode LETJOG. I took a leisurely 28 days over it so rather than just shoot up the main drag after Glasgow I could follow the West coast. It rained lightly on 4 of those days. It came down like stair rods the other 24. The routine became : wake up in damp sleeping bag in wet tent – pack up wet things in the rain – ride 50 miles or so in the rain – put up wet tent in the rain – climb into damp sleeping bag – repeat until John O’ Groats. My waterproofs didn’t really live up to being described as such so I just learned to live wet. What should have been a wonderful experience turned out to be one of the worst things I’ve ever done. And then there were the midges….. so bad that they took my mind off the weather!

  2. Hope things get better soon. I assume the weather is playing a big part in this as well as being in a less interesting area of the country. I hope both these change in the next few days.

  3. Andrew – thought of you today as my wife and I are in Cascais and went today to Cabo da Roca where you ended up during ‘Around the Med’. We appear to be having slightly better weather here than where you are but you must be seeing some fantastic scenery as you head north?

    • Hi David. I actually finished the 2013 ride further south at the Cape St. Vincent but yes, I can’t imagine that the weather in Portugal is anything like the current weather here in Norway!!

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