Cycling Day 78: Osen To Namsos

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There was a risk of today being just another day along the route to Nordkapp. Grey sky, wind from the north, I spent much time odometer watching… 

…it then started raining and I cycled into drab Namsos. Campsite? Mmm… Hotel option? ‘Scandic Rock City Hotel’ sounded interesting. And it was, rescuing the day from the ‘hum-drum’ file. Namsos is, as I have discovered via a guided tour of Rock City (just next to the hotel), home to ‘Trรธnder Rocken’. More in the book!

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  1. You have done well mate. maybe you could do Iceland another time. I’m sure there’s a book there with some varied challenges.

  2. just finished ‘along the med’ enjoyed it very much. enjoying your blog too. are you going onto Iceland?

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