Cycling Day 75: Viggja To Trondheim 

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Again, another late update…

I knew it would be a relatively short cycle on day 75; ‘just’ 40 km to Trondheim where I had agreed to stay for a couple of nights with a guy called Steven who you may have noticed has contributed many comments to this website. So, there was no real rush to leave the campsite where I had coffee with Jeanet the Dutch cyclist (see cycling day 74) before setting off on the very pretty corniche road around the coast in the direction of Trondheim. I crossed Jeanet a couple of times but also a young German cyclist who had wild camped in the area somewhere the previous night. He was a carpenter back home; good to know that such jobs still exist and are people are being trained to do them!

There was a small mountain to climb before I arrived in the centre of Trondheim which I wasn’t expecting but as a coastal town there was of course the payback of the downhill ride on the other side. Much bigger than I had imagined but I soon found the end of the pilgrimage point, the cathedral, where walkers were arriving to be congratulated by their friends. No celebration for me as I still have another 1,800 km to cycle but I did chat with a cyclist from Switzerland who was also on his way to Nordkapp although his timescale was more elongated than my own. Then Jeanet arrived and I chatted to her once again…

I exchanged text message with Steven and arranged to be at his house for 5pm which gave me a little time to wander around. I bumped into a retired local doctor twice who told me where to go although he knew nothing of the ‘famous’ bicycle lift. I stumbled upon it and watch a group of children having a go. I fear me and Reggie would have been a little to heavy for the mechanism. Then a couple of beers in a nearby pub – the first beers I have bought in a bar since Germany! – where the barmaid was obliged to carry the beer glass over the street to the outdoor seating area ‘for legal reasons’. Dahls beer. A decet pint.

Then to Steven’s place to meet him, his partner Anita and their daughter Annie. Oh, and the kitten. Very cute. More beer was consumed…


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  1. Phil Shaw says:

    WOW what fantastic photos! Love the pastel colours against deep blue skies:-) The multi coloured factory building even looks great & puts some of our grim buildings to shame! Norway is def going on my to do list….

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