Cycling Day 59: Vemmetofte To Copenhagen

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle.

I’ll be honest. This isn’t going to get written until tomorrow… The pictures aren’t that great either. 


OK, it’s now cycling day 61 and I am finally sitting down to write this. I will keep it brief and in bullet points:

  • Woke and exchange brief words with the German couple in the tent area
  • Abandoned the route 9 so as to make progress to Køge; nothing to report from that shortish cycle
  • Coffee in central Køge – the Danes really don’t make great coffee… (Although the one I’m drinking whilst writing this on Friday morning at the campsite in Helsingør is actually the best I’ve yet had in the country; it will probably be the last as I’m about to go to Sweden on the ferry…) 
  • Happened to pass an outdoor shop on my way out of town – could they sort out the PowerMonkey lead problem: yes!! New unit acquired and all the ‘old’ stuff (the one I bought in Hamburg) sent back to the UK. The company have promised a refund; great customer service from them
  • Along the coast to Copengagen. Not great cycling next to a main road (although on segregated paths of course) but about 10 km south of the capital the route 9 did pass through an open coastal area that was far more pleasant. 
  • Arrived Central Copengagen. Accommodation? Mmm… Hostel? (Still yearning for British style YHA places to start appearing rather than glorified halls of residence.) Hotel? 92% occupancy on!!! Never seen such a high figure before. Much procrastination… Camping? Site 7 km to the north sounded interesting. In an old fort in the coast.
  • Cycle 7 km to site. Much nicer in the northern suburbs than the southern ones. Terraced houses, lots of bike shops, very gentrified. Nice.
  • Pitch tent at site but next to road. Move tent to area with other cyclists; French couple with baby, Danish couple, Futch woman – Lynne – on tour of this part of Europe. Interesting chat with her. She’s also given up her job to go off cycling albeit for a longer period than me. 
  • Fall asleep

So, that’s what I remember about it. I must not wait three days in the future. It’s a struggle remembering the detail… 

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