The Rhine Cycle Route: Really?

Seriously underwhelmed with what I’ve found.  The first hour cycling north out of Cologne has been only sporadically sign-posted with Eurovelo 15 signs leaving me guessing as to whether I am on the right track on not. I’m following the little red signs assuming that they are sending me in the correct direction. I’ve so far had to contend with building developments near Cologne, two flights of steps, poor quality cycle ways and a group of pointing / mocking primary school kids. My general mood isn’t high for reasons unknown to anyone including me (it’s been like that since I woke this morning) and the wind is head on. To cap it all it looks like I have to contend with dangerous birds of prey?! It seems that I’m not the only disgruntled cyclist to have stopped at this nondescript junction near Leverkusen; there’s a for sale sign for a bike and a discarded bike stand next to the bench. I hope it gets better otherwise it might be a discarded bicycle further along the road… It is fast turning into a full on Mercedes day!

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  1. I’m German. John Woodfield is completely right. The green sign is an “area of a protected part of landscape” which I think is a smaller version of an “area of protected landscape” (Landschaftsschutzsgebiet). It’s not quite a nature reserve, it protects the overall appearance of the landscape rather than the specific ecosystems, and land use is less restricted.

    John is also right about the sign below saying the paths are not clear in winter.

  2. The bird-of-prey sign indicates a nature reserve. My German is not great but I think the blurb below says that the route beyond will not be cleared of ice and snow during the Winter so you use it at your own risk. Anyone out there reading this who can give a better translation?

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