As I said at the end of the previous post, I wasn’t expecting much from Zamora but what a nice, relaxing place. If you are into your Romanesque churches, this is the place to come. According to the Rough Guide (that I should have consulted before thinking of skipping the place) there are 22 of them… 

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  1. Finally getting up to speed – only 11 days late! Caceres seems an unexpected highlight so far. Look forward to following over the coming weeks. Never cease to be amazed at the ground covered most days!

    • Yes, Cรกceres was a delight – the kind of place where you expect many medieval films to have been made – pity the same can’t be said for Benavente which is a bit more run of the mill…

  2. As you get closer to the Spanish / French border, do you expect to hear more French voices or is it a case that until you are over the border that French is the main language?

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