It’s a nice little place as long as you stay within the old part of the town. I wandered around the almost deserted streets earlier before the รผber relaxed atmosphere started to affect me and I came back to the hotel on the main square of the old town for a mini siesta. A couple of points. All of the photos  (apart from the two iPhone panoramic images) were taken with the 40mm lens for the Canon EOS 100D (rather than the 30-70mm zoom that I usually use). It’s extremely light – that’s why I bought it – and I am tempted to send the zoom lens back home along with the upcoming package of stuff that I mentioned in the earlier post. The picture which shows the sign about ‘world gastronomic food’ (or something along those lines) was the place where I had a snack for lunch. I paid over 4 euros for a bit of bread with a few slices of jamon and tomato. Gastronomic? I think not… Can anyone explain the graffiti with the character holding up the letter G?

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