Monesterio: Thoughts For Today

Here’s the bike:


He looks very muddy after yesterday’s encounter with the realities of following a walking trail (see yesterday’s post, now updated with pictures). If I pass a high pressure jet car cleaning place today I’ll strip off his panniers and do the necessary. I’m not happy with some of the mid-range gears which are slipping either. I oiled the chain yesterday after the mud episode but slippage was still taking place. Apart from these two niggles, so far so good. The inevitable kit rationing moment is approaching, especially with the clothes. I’ve now got a pretty got idea what will and won’t get worn over the next few months. There are also a few other bits on the hit list (Gorilla tripod for example) that will probably be returned to the UK soon. As I did in 2013 I need to send back the bits and pieces of documentation that I’m collecting along the way which will be essential when writing up the trip (and make it so much more interesting that reading the blog!). The bundle for Andalucia is now ready to be despatched. 

Today it’s just 50km to Zafra – less than a half of yesterday’s distance and this is nice: 


Predominantly downhill. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do a bit more sightseeing today and after posting this I’m going to delve into the Rough Guide to see what it says about Extremadura apart from that there are lots of pigs. No news from my WarmShowers request to the person living in Zafra but it was a bit short notice – I only sent it yesterday. One of the other two potential hosts for later in the week – Friday – has already got back to me with a ‘no’. Am I being cynical if I think that many people on WarmShowers use it more for being hosted than hosting themselves? I can take the moral high ground on this as my account is tipped in the direction of hosting more than being hosted. 

What? Enough of this drivel? You just want to see another arty picture of Reggie looking very sexy in the reflection of the window of the cafรฉ where I am currently sitting? Oh, go on then… (In black and white as well? Good grief, shouldn’t you be working? It’s nearly 9am back in the UK…) 


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