The The Equipment Needed To Cycle From Tarifa To Nordkapp

Although most of it is not new, it’s taken me about a week to assemble the cycling gear in the picture below. The task was not made easier by the fact that I had already packed up the contents of my flat in Reading into lots of boxes prior to my move north, but enough of my whinging and on with the details.ORIGINAL

To make life even easier, here is an annotated version. The numbers refer to the list below.ANNOTATED

I have (obviously) not included the bike itself – a 2010 Ridgeback Panorama, the four Ortlieb Roller Plus Panniers or any clothing. So, here’s what there is. All the links are to the manufacturers’ websites if possible, failing that, a supplier:

  1. Exped dry bags
  2. Waterproof Ortlieb map holder
  3. Robens Osprey 2 tent
  4. Mountain Equipment sleeping bag
  5. Decathlon sleeping bag liner
  6. PowerMonkey Extreme rechargeable battery and solar panels
  7. Kryptonite locks – D lock and cable with padlock
  8. Water bottles
  9. Tigra iPhone 6 mount
  10. Lifesystems ‘camping’ first aid kit
  11. MSR Windboiler stove
  12. Thermarest camping mat
  13. Bar of soap in plastic box
  14. GoPro Hero 4 Silver, case, mounts including handlebar mount
  15. CatEye rechargeable lights with USB charging cables
  16. British passport
  17. Adaptors for continental Europe
  18. Wayfayrer emergency food rations
  19. Emergency Andrex toilet tissue
  20. Hand cleanser
  21. Washing tablets
  22. Below The Belt waterless shower
  23. Plastic mug (University of York c. 1990)
  24. Merrell sandals
  25. Keen Arroyo SPD cycling sandals
  26. Bendable ties
  27. Victornix Swiss Army Knife
  28. Knife
  29. Camping light
  30. Spare batteries for camping light
  31. Stone sunglasses and bag
  32. Lifeventure camping towel
  33. iPhone 6
  34. Chiba fingerless cycling gloves
  35. Heavy duty bags (not waterproof)
  36. Mini can of deodorant
  37. Mini can of shaving gel
  38. Tupperware style boxes (waterproof)
  39. Colgate toothbrush
  40. Lighter
  41. Micro SD converter
  42. Chain repair tool
  43. Gorilla tripod
  44. Carabiners
  45. Hand warmers (gel)
  46. Wallet
  47. Bungee
  48. Identity bracelet
  49. Topeak Bicycle pump (with card to remind where the lock position is!)
  50. DEET insect repellant
  51. Nivea sun protection spray
  52. Kask cycling helmet
  53. Colgate toothpaste
  54. Tyre removal / replacement levers
  55. Spare brake pads
  56. CatEye cycling computer
  57. Bike spanner
  58. Spare spokes (three sizes)
  59. USB cable for ???
  60. Small bungees to secure maps to board on handlebars
  61. Business cards
  62. Multi-tool
  63. Tie wraps
  64. Bag for hygiene products
  65. Disposable razors
  66. ‘Water’ bottle for tools
  67. Schwalbe spare inner tubes
  68. Finish Line Bicycle Lubricant – Wet
  69. 15mm spanner for removal / attachment of pedals
  70. Spare cables
  71. Spare links for chain
  72. Alight Mayfly chair
  73. Maps (Marco Polo / Michelin)
  74. Swatch watch
  75. Mini iPad and USB charger
  76. SD card cable for iPad
  77. 16GB SD cards for camera
  78. Canon EOS 100D SLR camera with ‘flat’ 40mm lens and cables

Comments welcome!

For purposes of comparison, here’s an article I wrote prior to the Mediterranean trip in 2013. Quite a bit of kit has survived to travel with me and Reggie (the bike) once again in 2015…img_0469-copy


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  1. I can’t tell you how valuable I find this. Thanks!

    I see you are carrying some “deet.” I wondered about this when you were assault by bugs in the first book. Remember, the Sami (Lapplanders) pretty much abandon their mountain plateaus in the summer because of the goddam mosquitos.

    I’m preparing to take one pair of decent hiking shoes to ride and and do everything else in. Am I being wise?

    • Hi
      I’ve never tried cycling in hiking shoes. The only concern would have is whether they restricted in any way the movement of the ankle as you turn the pedal. Nowadays you can get boots with low ankles so actually, this might not be a bad idea… Let me know how you get on. Good luck!

    • I highly recommend cycling in Shimano MT91 MTB SPD Boots. You can take the sole infills and then swap between SPD cleats and full Vibram sole when you want to go walking.
      I used them to cycle Leicester to Iona (8 days of around 70 miles) and then walking included pilgrimage around Iona.

  2. Asides from the shoes, sandals and helmet haven’t you forgotten to pack some actual clothing……ok Spain might be warm but the north cape isn’t. Good luck with the rest of your preparations.

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