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I’m not sure if some you have noticed (probably yes) but I occasionally post things on that have been ‘sponsored’. You can work out what that means! Anyway, this morning I was chatting on Twitter with a chap called John Wilson who asked if I could help support his fledgling cycle tour business. What follows may look like a ‘sponsored’ post but it isn’t. It’s just John explaining what he is trying to do. Good luck to him and his venture. Over to you John.

“In winter 2014, I was looking into my next cycle trip. I love getting out on my road bike for a few days, but I do not like carrying all the kit you need with me. Especially after spending money on a lightweight bike. I looked into hiring a van for my friends and me and persuading a non-cycling couple to drive it for us. But it just wasn’t very realistic. Equally, the propositions offered by the cycle tour companies out there are just too expensive.Untitled

So, I thought why not start up the service! Even better, why not offer some great value, quality accommodation too to make the whole thing really easy. I put together some pledges and SIMPLE CYCLE TOURS was born.

I’m not a racer or an endurance junkie, but I do love getting those endorphins pumping. So I’m aiming to create routes, which provide something for all abilities. I know that if you’re new to the sport, but have a solid level of fitness, the routes will be a challenge, but will offer a great sense of achievement at the end. At the same time, because our routes are in such great locations, the hills are there for the more experienced riders too.

10394045_1028220867191655_6247894635878686580_nOur first tour is in Yorkshire in August and we’re looking at prices of just £60 a day including accommodation and some meals. We’ve organised some cracking accommodation through the Youth Hostels Association, which we think you’ll love as they offer a really sociable atmosphere. You’ll be able to enter the tour very soon and you can sign up for a priority invite via our launch page below.

I’ve experienced cycling all over the UK and Europe, so you’re in good hands when it comes to selecting the best routes. I’m also an experienced organiser of challenges including a cycle tour to Tallinn (we did have a support van for that one) and even driving to Timbuktu. Lots of stories to recount – perhaps over a beer during one of the BBQs we’re putting on!”

The ‘launch page’ is here, the Facebook page here and the Twitter feed here.

Good luck to John and his new venture!

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