Kenavon Drive: The Street Where I Lived In Reading, Berkshire

Todayย is my last full day in my flat in Reading, Berkshire before I head north to Yorkshire for a few weeks then to Cadiz, Spain for a bit of language learning and then set off to cycle from Tarifa to Nordkapp. The new owner moves in tomorrow. Compared to living in a house with a garden, living in a flat can be quite isolating. You’d think with people living in such close proximity – there are perhaps a dozen people living in the six flats on my floor of the building – that you would get to know themย well. But once your door is closed there are few opportunities to to break the ice. Flats also tend to be in places where there isn’t much outdoor space in which you would want to loiter. Perhaps if there were they’d have built houses instead. The neighbours have familiar faces and the street outside is familiar but as the weeks turn into months and years, they will be forgotten. Well, I couldn’t really knock on every door and ask to take a picture of each of my neighbours (if I had done that back in 2004 I might have known them better than I do!), but this morning I did take a stroll along my road – Kenavon Drive in Reading – to take a few pictures of the things I have walked past almost every day for ten years that will otherwise just fade into the obscurity of time… (Spot the cyclist!)

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