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At the beginning of next week, your MP will have a chance to make not only a difference to cycling but also to the future health and economy of the country.

As CTCโ€™s research issued today has shown, with ambition, leadership and long-term funding commitment between now and 2050 cycling could bring economic benefits worth ยฃ248bn. Thatโ€™s the equivalent of 2.5 times the General Governmentโ€™s Net Borrowing in 2013-14, or 4.5 times health care spending in England at 2012-13 levels. Many of these benefits come not only through improved health but also through reduced congestion and better air quality.

ยฃ248bn in economic benefits is a target worth aiming for, and next week on Monday 26 January your MP can help make it happen.

CTC in coalition with other partners is supporting an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill which would create a legally binding Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. In just the same way as our railways can plan for the long term future, and our roads too through the Infrastructure Bill, so could cycling through this amendment.

All you need do is email your MP through this link and help get us that one step closer to a UK which cyclists of all ages and abilities can enjoy.

Thank you for your support.


Jon Snow,ย CTC President”

(I just did…)

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  1. You’re right! All the changes since we became a charity have made me too sensitive! Still I bet it will happen soon. Was it a Freudian slip on your part?

    • Ahh… In fact, my email said ‘Dear Andrew’ but when I posted it on here I did think it was appropriate to change the greeting to make it less personal to me (the reason for posting it being to encourage others to respond and follow the link to email their MP). Are you sure your email didn’t say ‘Dear Ian’?

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