Eurovelo 1/3: The Complete Route!

So impressed was I yesterday with my ability to trace a nice blue track upon the German section of the Eurovelo map of Europe in my post Cycling in Germany, I decided to do it for the rest of the route. Much more info about the tripย is in the Eurovelo 1/3 section of

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  1. I was interested to read your musings about Germany yesterday as I have cycled there a fair bit over the past few years. My own thought was that you could, if your route is not too carved in stone, go from Liege to Maastricht and follow the Maas to Rotterdam, or maybe continue along the Rhine from Duisburg to Nordwijk aan Zee where the old course of the Rhine meets the North Sea, and thence along the Dutch coast. Neither of these routes would add more than a couple of days and both would make for enjoyable riding and take you through quaint villages and historic towns and cities. My thinking is that possibly Denmark apart (I’ve not cycled there), the only place better to ride a bike than Germany is The Netherlands. There is a reason why a staggering 48% of Dutch workers commute by bike!

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