In Praise Of… Instagram (Again)

Back in July 2012 I sang the praises of Instagram (in a minimal way) with a post called ‘In Praise Of… Instagram‘. An update seems overdue. Here are some of my Instagrammed pictures from the past two and a half years of using the program. There does seem to be a theme of bicycles and trees going on but my favourite depicts neither. (Can you guess which one it is?) I know such images have their critics but there is nothing hidden about Instagram. They are not air-brushed models trying to convince you that they really do have the complexions that you see. They are manipulations of reality and are loud and proud about being so. Indeed those who use Instgram without twisting reality really are missing the point, no? There’s something to discuss… You can see all of my distorted Instagram photographs here.




Categories: Cycling

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