Eurovelo 3 Plus: Back Of An Envelope Time…

imageMapI’ve just been looking at the descriptions and maps produced by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) for the Eurovelo 3 and the portion of the Eurovelo 1 that would guide me from Santiago de Compostela to North Cape. You can have a read of the descriptions here. I estimate a journey of around 7,000km if I don’t deviate too much from what is prescribed by the ECF so it’s back of the envelope calculation time! I would like to reduce the average number of kilometres I cycle each day for this next continental crossing, perhaps down to 70/80km from the 113km I averaged in 2013 along the Eurovelo 8 (or my version of it) and 11okm I averaged in 2010 along the Eurovelo 5 (or again, at least my version of the route). More time to explore, deviate, ponder, procrastinate. Three months? Let’s say 90 days with one rest day per week; 13 rest days? That brings the cycling days available down to 77 and 7,000km divided by 77 is… 91km. Mmm… A bit high. How about making it a journey of 100 daysย with 14 rest days leaving 86 cycling days. 7,000km divided by 86 is… 81km. Cutting down the rest days to 10 would, however, not be an unreasonable thing to do as I would need them perhaps less. A 100 day trip, 90 days of cycling, 10 rest days would require an average of 78km per day. OK. That’s that sorted. So when would I need to set off to see the midnight sun at North Cape? According to Visit Nord Kapp, in 2014 the final day that it was possible to see the midnight sun at 71 degrees north (which is where North Cape is) was the 29th July. No data is given for 2015 (perhaps you know – please fill me in) but I can’t imagine that it varies more than a day or so each year. Let’s assume that the latest date is going to be the 27th July so counting back 100 days from then sees me departing from Santiago de Compostela on… (this needs working out – hang on!) …Saturday 18th April 2015. So, to summarise;

Date of departure from Santiago de Compostela: Saturday 18th April 2015

Cycling days: 90

Rest days: 10

Distance to cycle: 7,000km

Average distance per day: 78km

Date of arrival at North Cape: Monday 27th July 2015.



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