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  1. Interesting, particularly the idea that 5 x 1 hours riding is better than 1 x 5 hours, and the idea of riding before breakfast. I already don’t take sugar in my coffee, I don’t drink energy drinks, and I stick to lower calorie drinks much of the time, for example a diet cola in preference to “the real thing”. Where I fall down is that I like my food. I lost a stone and a half cycling last year but that was on a marathon trip from the English Channel to Istanbul. One of the most enjoyable things about travel is the chance to eat things you would never encounter at home so I was never going to do anything but actually increase my calorie intake but 3,000 miles with 4 rather full panniers and a tent strapped to my bike meant that even I couldn’t cram enough scoff into my gob to do anything but lose weight. Unfortunately the Winter (and other things) kept me from riding as often as I would have liked so I put the weight back on (and more). Hopefully I can use the advice given here to remedy my situation and get back into a wardrobe of clothes I currently can’t wear.

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