RiderState – Mobile Game For Bicycle Users

I don’t know too much about this – the founder emailed me with a few details earlier today – but it looks potentially interesting. Make your own mind up by watching the video and reading the information I have been sent below:

“My name is Santi Casado, CEO of RiderState, a new mobile game for bike lovers. I thought you might be interested in this new application for Android and iOS, that offers cyclists a geolocation bicycle adventure to conquer every street, everyย neighbourhoodย and every city in the world.

RiderStateยดs vision is to promote the usage of the bicycle while playing, as this is the simplest solution to complex problems: mobility in the cities, the quality of human life, and climate change and its consequences.

We are running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform (goal is $24K).”

So, if you have a few spare dollars (or pounds)…

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