Road Cycling UK: How To Videos

My mechanical skills are lamentable… Perhaps I should start watching these new videos that are being posted online by Road Cycling UK. I quote:ย “The series will consist of 10 videos released every Wednesday and hosted by Jon Hayes, bike mechanic at Ride,ย Dorset. Episode 1 is an in-depth video on how to replace a chain: checking for wear,ย removing, measuring the length of a replacement chain and installing it.” It looks promising… Here is the link. The full list of videos that will become available over the next few weeks (on a Wednesday) is as follows;

  • Replacing handlebar tape
  • Replacing brake cables
  • Replacing brake pads
  • Fitting a tubeless tyre
  • Truing a wheel
  • Checking a headset
  • Freeing seized parts
  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Tyre check and replacement

And here is a nice pic:

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 15.14.18

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  1. Me thinks you are a bit too humble about your skills, Andrew. It cannot be that a gentleman like you that cycled all over Europe never got his hands dirty on a chain.
    Btw1: the link and the picture are a bit confusing. Of course I clicked on the picture and not on the link.
    Btw2: I’m very happy with my new ‘carbon belt drive’ bicycle. No more dirty hands and no worry about sand any more. Just clean it with a wet ‘wipe ass’ piece that every clean cyclist should have in store. Yes, the Rohloff speedhub –the ideal combination with the carbon belt at this moment– is pricey, but if you want to keep clean hands and reduce maintenance, the way to go. Financially handy people calculate that this kind of investment pays itself out over the years. The carbon belt’s life is 3 times longer as a traditional chain. The Rohloff goes forever, so they say.

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