Safesport ID: Recommended!

A couple of months ago I wrote about some cycling clothing that I had been sent by Aldi (“Cycling Gear From… Err… Aldi“). Despite my scepticism about the quality of anything that comes from the budget supermarket, I was very impressed (and continue to be so; the ยฃ4.99 waterproof gloves were invaluable when hiking last weekend in the Lake District; it didn’t seem to stop raining in the three days I spent in Cumbria but my hands remained perfectly dry). Shortly after the delivery from Aldi, I was contacted by a company called Safesport id. Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 12.30.04Would I be interested in trying out one of their identity bracelets? ‘No problem’ I said and I was invited to fill out a few details online before the bracelet was dispatched. It’s nothing more than a rubber bracelet but it does have a metal plate attached to it with some key personal information about me and who to contact should I fall off my bike and be left unconscious etc… Just as with the clothing from Aldi, I cannot find fault with the product that Safesport id are selling. It’s not just for long-distance pan-European cycling adventures of course; I’ve been wearing mine for the last week or so as I went hiking in the English Lake District last weekend and have also started to get back into my running. I even wore it to the swimming pool this morning. It’s practical but also quite stylish. I’ll obviously continue wearing it when I return to the dangerous world of secondary school teaching tomorrow morning…

Please note: I don’t often receive freebies but when I do I’m more than happy to recommend them if I think they are any good. If they aren’t, I just stay silent. isn’t a comparison website (there are plenty of these on the Internet) but if someone is willing to provide me with something and I like it, credit where credit is due; I’m happy to push a little publicity in their direction!

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