Britain’s Most Famous Touring Bike Is Back!

It’s difficult to explain how nice it is riding a bike after not having done so for a month. My short journey from AW Cycles in Caversham to the centre of Reading was brief but unimaginably pleasurable. Apart from the new tyres, cables & brake pads, nothing needed changing which is remarkable bearing in mind that this is a bicycle that has just travelled 5,700km across Europe. I was delighted to pay only £127 to have my friend Reggie back in full working order. For those of you who still commute by car, that’s about two tanks if petrol no? I don’t say this very often but I’m already looking forward to travelling to work on Monday morning…
P.S. Something is missing. Can you see what it is?


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    • Correct! One of them was broken (although not sure when / how it happened) so although not unusable I asked them not to put them back on. I only use the rear ones when commuting and even then only on a Monday morning and Friday afternoon…

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