Cycle To Work Day: 12th September 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 18.32.17Ironically, after five years of cycling to work almost every day of the week, on national cycle to work day, I’ll be on the train as Reggie is currently under the knife at the bike shop for his post-cycle refurbishment. So I’m relying upon you…eflyerweb-banner

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  1. I did use to cycle to work every day, in fact I did it every day for about 7 years, but then Michael Gove came onto the scene. The school where I worked became a private company and the money people made a load of us redundant. It did mean I had the time to cycle from Worcester to Istanbul but it also means that the future is exceedingly bleak.

  2. I live in Dewsbury and work in Rotherham – hardly conducive to a cycle commute. However, after threatening to do it many time, I did it this Tuesday past. OK not on the official day but I did it. I’d refined a route of least mileage but it was still 38km and then back again. I enjoyed it (despite suffering my first ever crash and for no apparent reason either!) and might drop a cycle day in the mix every now and then.

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