Camping Ionian, Mitikas: Not My Kind Of Campsite

From boutique hotel in Nafpaktos to this. Scruffy campsite, dodgy clientele, questionable facilities, somewhat derelict camping shower… The ironic thing is that I actually slept quite well. A shorter cycling day in prospect today. I’m meeting another cyclist called Ed Cox at 11am just 30km up the road in Paleros. From there… not quite sure yet. As Ed is heading in the other direction I’ll see if he has any ideas. There is a tunnel which I’m not allowed to cycle through coming up at some point – some kind of hitching arrangement will be needed – and the larger town of Preveza just beyond that. Potentially only 50km on the bike but from past experience I know such short days have a nasty habit of being anything but…

Update 7.34am: The shower was cold but… the 2.50โ‚ฌ I had left in the shower last night was still in there this morning. Perhaps the place isn’t all bad…

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