Albanian Thoughts… & Shadow Cycling In Greece



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  1. Yes, video quality very good. Think you’re lucky to get wi-if so regularly, not sure Albania will be the same, but as you say, that’s the unknown and looking forward to those posts. Good luck.


  2. Some of the best experiences of countries and places I have had are either the ones I thought beforehand I didn’t want to visit, or the ones I had no great expectations of. An open mind brings it’s own rewards.


    • I think he is referring to when I cycled away from the Laghi di Monticchio when I was in Italy in 2010. They were the nicest wolves you could wish to meet!!!


  3. The picture quality is very good on your video, I’m interested in what camera you are using. Albania is another great experience for you, I’m sure you will enjoy it. You have cycled with wolves, dogs and trucks so you have the confidence and skills to deal with any challenges Albania may present you, if any? A fellow cyclist I think her name is Andi she did your trip early this year & spoke well of her Albanian section. Go for it & enjoy…


    • Yes, I exchanged a few emails with Andi and she seemed to get on fine. Wolves? I think you are referring to my Italian experience of 2010, no? They were very tame! As for the camera… it is just the front camera on my iPhone 5. The quality is very good. I upload the video using the YouTube Capture app via a wifi connection. The results te good!
      Thanks for the comments / questions!


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