The Plan For Cycling Day 2

Slight change of plan for tomorrow. The original one had been to cycle from Athens all the way to visit a WarmShowers contact in the eastern Peloponnese near a town called Astros. Before setting off at the weekend I plugged a few of my initial cycling routes into Google Maps to see what they proposed. The trip to Astros came in at 166km. Gulp! I did do some similar days when cycling to Italy in 2010 but was I ready for such a long distance ride so early in this 2013 trip? It’s taken me a couple of days to decide that the answer is ‘no’ so tomorrow I shall cycle the more modest 90km to Corinth. I want to visit the canal at Corinth and perhaps I will now have more time to do so. In addition, my route to Astros would have involved heading south only then to lurch back north when I cycle to my next destination at Olympia. A stop at Corinth will allow a shorter cycling day three… Another (final) advantage of the Corinth option is that it will afford me time to visit ancient Corinth (just west of Corinth itself en route to Olympia). The road to Corinth along the coast from Athens is a westward continuation of the road from Sounio that I cycled yesterday but it is shadowed for most of its length by a motorway slightly further inland. My hope is that much of the traffic will be using this latter road and leave the coastal road to me, Reggie and a few ambling locals. That said, escaping the urban sprawl of Athens will be a challenge. You can follow it all live by clicking on the link that Reggie will post to Twitter when we set off. The link is also over there in the panel on the left.


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  1. Just looking at your route and I see you will go through Patras. On my 2010 summer tour I took the ferry from Brindisi to Patras before crossing over to Kephalonia! I cheated, though and got a ferry!

  2. Watching progress every day Andrew – good luck. I think splitting the 166km was a good idea! Will be interested to see whats at Corinth. Looks so much hotter than for much of last time – will be interesting to see how the heat affects things.

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