A Green Evening In Athens

This whole trip is fairly green in an environmental sense but last night is was physically bathed in green in a wonderful rooftop terrace bar that I was taken to by local journalist & cycling blogger Manos & his girlfriend Katerina. A great evening and a fantastic introduction to modern Greek life. Thank-you to both of them for their generous hospitality! Today it’s the ancient side of Athens I’m exploring with a guided tour of the Acropolis and its new museum with a lady who is campaigning for the return of the Parthenon (aka ‘Elgin’) Marbles. She’ll be preaching to the converted on that one… No, nothing wrong with your computer; it really was that green!




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  1. I have a considerable amount of free time thanks to David Cameron and Michael Gove. I attempted to cycle from my back door to Istanbul last year (so I could say I’d cycled to Asia) but a job opportunity came up at the time I was due to set off. I didn’t get the job but it meant I set off 3 weeks later than planned and consequently only got as far as Bitola in Macedonia and had to get to Istanbul for my flight home by coach. I’m still an austerity measure so I’m going to have another bash at it in a couple of weeks.


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