Well, it’s a preliminary pack but will allow me to cycle to work for the final time this academic year on a fully-loaded bike. The question is… what do you think I didn’t pack from the original spread of equipment shown in the second photograph?



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  1. Good luck Andrew sounds like a great adventure. I weighed my commuting pannier bag yesterday at 11 pounds (5kg), that was more than enough for me. Have you weighed the combined total of all your stuff + bike?

    • Yes, you are both correct – the chair didn’t make the final cut. Neither did the second lock for the bike or the small bottle of mouthwash. I’ve just arrived at work with the rest of the stuff however and I still feel as though I should shed more weight. One of the two guide books can be sent ahead (to Simone in Venice probably) as can some of the maps. I shall go through every bag again tonight and ask myself ‘will I need it?’. If the answer is ‘probably not’ (or even ‘perhaps’ but I can buy it en route anyway), it will stay at home. I dread to think was the excess baggage cost is going to be with British Airways…

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