The New ‘New Europe’: The Balkans

I’ll be cycling through Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia next summer along the route of the Eurovelo 8. I was sent in the direction of this video by an extremely helpful employee of the Montenegro tourist board. It really does make you think again…ย 

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  1. We loved the Balkans last summer!! We stuck to the Croatian coast where the EV8 takes a bit of an inland route and over even more mountainous terrain. We did it in August, with the heaviest traffic, but we survived. It doesn’t get much better than stopping by the sea for a swim when you get hot. : )

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll be cycling through in the middle of July but it will no doubt be just as hot albeit with a few fewer tourist ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not going to be sticking like glue to the Eurovelo 8 route, just the vague direction which will get me from Athens to Cadiz (plus the bits on the end that will make it a true crossing of Europe!). I’ll have to spend a little bit of time reading your website for a few insights. In the meantime, any specific advice, tips etc… would be much appreciated.
      Happy cycling!

      • Hi Andrew, sorry for the delay in replying… we’ve been on the road for the last two weeks and as much as we always intend to stay up to date while cycling it never really happens… how do ppl do it?

        Anyway, RE: Croatia… Our experience is the further south you go, the better it gets with respect to camping and auto traffic. Certainly the north is worth experiencing, but the southern half of coast, Split and Dubrovnik notwithstanding, is the quietest section, albeit with less of a ‘finished veneer’ of the northern areas, which is fine with us. Specifically we enjoyed the town of Trogir, there is a great camping area on the outer peninsula called “lampedusa” ( just like the italian island). Very nice swimming and beautiful seaside location.
        Re: Slovenia ( not sure if you’ll go here). We loved all of it. Maribor, Ljubljana and all points in between. Super friendly folks, great mountains and good cycling all around.

        Look forward to reading more about your adventures.

        Tyler and Carolyn

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