A Photograph Of A Gate

Last Thursday was very cold. Especially in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside which is just where I happened to be at about 7.30am as I made my way from my flat in Reading to work on the outskirts of Henley-on-Thames. My route is an up and down affair that takes me through Caversham and then cuts the corner off Oxfordshire through the villages of Binfield Heath & Harpesden. I was cycling much more slowly and carefully than normally due to the icy road surface and in order to spot the icy patches I had delayed my departure by about an hour; I was at least rewarded with the morning views across the fields on either side of the road. As I cycled past the allotments near Binfield Heath my eye was caught by the rising sun; it just happened to be making its slow vertical journey at the end of a path through the allotments. I cycled on but after about another 30 metres I thought that it might make a good photograph so I doubled back and got off the bike to do just that.ย See more photographs on Instagram.IMG_3094

(c) Andrew P. Sykes 2012

Categories: Cycling

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