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A year ago, a journalist at The Times was very seriously injured while cycling to work. Mary Bowers, a much loved and hugely talented reporter, survived the accident but is only minimally conscious and is still recovering in hospital.

We make no apology for having begun a campaign on such a personal basis, only an apology for not having begun one earlier. Since Mary’s accident, more than 100 cyclists have died on Britain’s roads.

Today, a cross-party Parliamentary inquiry will open to investigate ways of encouraging more people to cycle.

The panel of ten MPs has agreed to incorporate your views into this study. We ask you, our 36,000 pledged supporters, to complete a short questionnaire for use in the inquiry. You can do so here:

In four weeks, we will pass on your responses to the Parliamentary team as it calls for written submissions of evidence. The panel’s report, which will be published in early 2013, should promote cycling as a safe, viable means of transport.

The Times Cities fit for Cycling campaign is not just committed to seeing meaningful improvements in cycle safety but the transformation of the urban environment so that people can cycle happily, healthily and safely in Britain’s cities.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

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James Harding
Editor of The Times

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