In Praise Of… BioLogic Bicycle Accessories

Having just upgraded to the new iPhone, my BioLogic iPhone 4 bike mount has just become redundant. The company have reassured me via Twitter that they are working on a new mount for the iPhone 5 which is wonderful news. I use the mount every day in conjunction with the CycleMeter app that allows me to track and keep a record of my cycle times from Reading to Henley-on-Thames every morning. It’s like having a little dashboard on Reggie’s handlebars. Yes, he’s on Twitter too… Here I am by the way (just for the record). Anyway, iPhone bike mount aside, I was having a good look around the BioLogic website and my! Do they have some wonderful kit on there. Two things in particular caught my interest, both of which could be potentially very useful for next summer’s long trip from Athens to Cadiz.

First up is this beauty; the BioLogicย Jouleโ„ข 3 Dynamo Hub. This is what the website says about it: “The Joule 3 currently is the lightest, most efficient bicycle dynamo hub on the market. It can be built up to create super-light dynamo wheels and its patented magnet configuration yields barely noticeable drag. Polishing, laser etching, and a precision machined flange pattern give high performance in a beautiful small package. Available in disc and non-disc brake versions. Winner of a 2012 Eurobike Award.” It is definitely in that category of cycling gear know as ‘Bike Porn’ (along with Koga Trekking Bikes, the Rohloff Speed Hubย & the Crane Bell Suza (Brass)). I want one! (Of the other things in that list incidentally, I only have the bell. So far…)

Now, you are probably thinking ‘OK. But what’s it for?‘. This is what it’s for: the BioLogicย ReeChargeโ„ข Power Pack! I have died and gone to heaven. I bought a solar ‘charger’ before embarking upon the trip along the Eurovelo 5 from the UK to southern Italy. It was an utter waste of money. Useless, crap, rubbish. On the occasions that I tried to use it, it managed to dribble a pathetic couple of percentage points worth of charge into my phone after many hours spent idling in the Sun. It was the lay about, benefit cheat of the charging world. The BioLogic on the other hand, powered by the cyclist him or herself is the Dragon of the charging fraternity. Or so it appears… Here are a couple of videos to whet your appetite for more. I want one of these too!

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  1. Hi, not sure if you have bought an iPhone 5 case yet but I’ve just received mine and my initial thoughts are disappointing. I like you loved my 4GS case and couldn’t wait for the 5. I have the reecharge battery pack which I had connected to a Shimano dyno and I could keep the GPS on all day without worry, fantastic! The down sides of the new 5 case are, I can’t plug in headphones or my biologic cycletunes speakers, and you can’t plug in the power lead. Also you can’t activate the top button on the 5. So basically you can look at your phone and use the screen. I looked on there website and under the support section with the frequently asked questions, someone asked can you use headphones the reply says “No”.
    Not helpfull and a poor relation to the other fine cases that preceded it. Don’t buy it!!

    • Too late; I did last Sunday! I sympathise with your frustrations but it’s still a decent product despite the price (ยฃ40). I’m off to France next week on a school trip and then walking in the mountains of Slovakia just after Easter and needed something sturdy to protect the phone even when not cycling. It does that job well so… If you find a better product out there, please do let me know.
      Thanks for passing by ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I have just got mine today and have emailed them today. There is I have just spotted an aluminium case coming soon from the with all buttons and leads accessible and its totally water and shock proof.
        I’ll let you know what it’s like….
        Now to get this other pretender straight on eBay!!
        Enjoy your trip.

  2. It was the seat post pump, (v James Bond), and the fold down cycle helmet that hard me drooling. But I want my next cycle helmet to be obviously feminine, as I understand drivers tend to be more careful around female cyclists.

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