1st September: The Start Of The Academic Year!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder… However eager I am for the academic year to end in July and for the long holidays to start, six weeks later at the end of August I am secretly looking forward to the new academic year kicking off. I love fresh starts; all the errors of the past are brushed under the carpet (except the court case* of course) and new resolutions can be made as to how much better this year is going to be compared to the last. Best of all, I don’t have to stress about unmarked books for a few weeks at least.

As a commuting cyclist I can also loom forward to getting back into the saddle on a daily basis for my 15 mile round trip from Reading to Henley and back. Why not try it yourself? Here’s a motivational video to show you just how wonderful commuting by bike can be (although not obviously this fast). Enjoy!

* I am joking about the court case

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