Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 36

Friday 17th August
Krems to Vienna: 4 hours, 80km

“More riding along the river today. Passing many cyclists, my knee was holding out fine. The previous day through the renowned Wachu region had many beautiful wine land and mountain landscapes on offer. Today the views were less awe inspiring and it was mostly head down pedalling, absorbed in my own thoughts. I got to Vienna and navigating to Wombats base hostel I checked in for 3 nights. 3 days had been sufficient in Munich, and if more were required in Vienna, I could always add another night.

Picking a bed, it was not long before another traveller walked through the doors into the dorm. Julian, a Frenchman living in China introduced himself and made an offer for me to join him in meeting a friend of his who was living in Vienna.

We met up with Heidi in-front of Starbucks. She is a jazz player / teacher and suggested some places to visit in and around Vienna. We had a light dinner at a falafel place and much interesting and diverse conversation. They didnโ€™t ask too much about South Africa or my cycle trip, which I found really refreshing. I have come to have the same conversation over and over again, whenever I meet someone new.

I went back to the hostel, where I had a Skype session with some friends. Good chatting guys! After that I went for an evening stroll in the local neighbourhood and returned to a very busy hostel bar, which I by passed, heading straight to my room, away from the noise for a good nights rest.”

Matt Krog

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