Kings Cross: The Grand Tour Of The North Starts Here

I’ve always thought that ‘The North’ starts at Kings Cross; it’s a little enclave in London where northern vowels predominate & people refer to each other as ‘love’ rather than ‘mate’. My mini tour of ‘The North’ starts today albeit without Reggie (my bike). Today I travel to West Yorkshire to see family; Wednesday I head further north to Newcastle, a city I have never visited but of which I hear good things. Thursday I am in York, the northern home of the bicycle staying at my old college at the University. Friday I’m back in West Yorkshire before the trek down south on Sunday. Expect a few posts from these various spots; I’ll try, but can’t guarantee, to make them cycling related.


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  1. Spookily, I also left King’s Cross earlier, but to head east rather than north. I also took pictures from the same spot you seem to have taken this one and mean to post later. I didn’t see you, unless you were disguised as a woman in late middle age?

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