Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 31

Sunday 12th August
Munich to Neustadt: 4 hours 45 minutes, 94km

“I was out on the road again and it felt so good to be pedalling. My goal was to get back to the Danube which was about 100km north. I only left Munich around 1pm with delays coming in the form of sleeping in late, helping people with flat tyres and trying to find an open store on a Sunday to stock up on food.

The first part of the cycle was through a wonderful forest running along a riverโ€™s bank. My highlight of the day was witnessing a cyclist take tumble. Now that probably sounds mean but in my defence, I only laughed after he got up, brushed himself off and gave the thumbs up signalling he was okay.

The rest of the day’s cycling was along a highway and fairly dull. I pulled into a campground in Neustadt, glad to be back on the Danube and moving once more.”

Matt Krog

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