Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 12

Tuesday 24th July
Chalon-sur-Saone to Dôle: 3 hours 50 minutes, 70km

“Today was a good day. It just had that feeling about it. The sun was yet again shining and I was in a good mood. You see, what mood you’re in becomes harder to detect when you’re on your own. I think it’s simply because you have no one else to take your bad mood out on. For example I only knew I was in a good mood today, because by contrast the past few days I found myself cursing at the Eurovelo 6 signs for taking me on a winding route, over what seemed to be every hill in the surrounding area! And well today, I was not cursing at all. In fact, I’ve been bonjour-ing every person I pass, even cars!

A nice man gave me a free orange from his fruit stall as I passed through a small town called Gregey. He obviously hadn’t seen that many cycle tourists passing through his town. In fact, come to think of it, I hadn’t seen that many since leaving the Loire. It felt good, the look on passing peoples faces were different. They had more a look of awe and astonishment, as opposed to the ‘oh not another cyclist’ look I experienced back on the Loire.

The ride overall, was quiet and enjoyable. The sun was scorching so riding into a mild head wind for most of the day was actually a blessing. Nothing too eventful happened but I can report that I had a glorious lunch. I bought some baguette, camembert, wine and chocolate, and found a nice shady spot near a pond to enjoy them. I really have to recommend the solo lunch outing, don’t want to say ‘picnic’ as its not very manly, but that’s what it was. I will definitely being doing more of these uh.. Solo picnics.. Hey I drank the wine straight from the bottle, so I can reclaim some man points.

My bicycle computer started playing up about 5km from Dole. So when I got to the campsite, I spent my time resetting the clock and batteries, rather than exploring the town. I am couch surfing tomorrow (after 6 nights of straight camping) and the ride is shortish so I should have time to explore tomorrow morning.

A note on campsite prices. They have steadily and consistently increased as I’ve travelled east. Starting at €4 in Nantes to now €11 with no noticeable difference in quality of facilities. I might have to start wild camping more often.”

Matt Krog

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  1. Great job reclaiming your “man points” by drinking straight from the bottle. Although, I’m not sure the word picnic isn’t manly. If you called it dining al fresco, now that might be unmanly.

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