Let The Games Begin! (Soon)

Well, three shifts down, I’m into the swing of being an Olympic volunteer as well as driving a BMW around London. I have mentioned the utter hypocrisy of what I am doing previously; being an advocate of all things on two wheels and then abandoning them for four wheels for this Olympic summer but in fairness, all I’m doing is the job to which I was allocated. So far, it’s been fun albeit a bit quiet… I hesitate to give too many details but I don’t think I’m revealing any secrets by saying that the work of driving the Olympic family around the capital has yet to really kick in and we haven’t had too many people in the back of our smart cars. I have however visited many of the locations that will become familiar over the next couple of weeks as we watch the athletes strive to go faster, higher and stronger than before. The temporary venues and still under construction but it’s the scale of things that really surprises; great banks of seating climbing into the sky at Horse Guards’ Parade & Eton Dorney & swathes of never-ending pink banners at the Olympic Park behind which are growing the array of tents for the army of workers and volunteers who will hopefully make everything run so smoothly. And despite what you may read in the papers, I get the impression that everything will. There is no sense of panic whatsoever, just a large group of people who are committed to delivering a safe and enjoyable experience for all those who have the chance to be part of it. I’m beginning to sound like a spokesperson for LOCOG which makes me cringe just a little but I’m simply reporting what I see. Yes, there are the odd times when you reflect to yourself and think ‘why haven’t they done it that way?’ or ‘surely if you just...’ but I’ve never had a job in my life when I haven’t thought similar things. And the people I have met are friendly, interesting & engaging. Even the army chap I was chatting to on Saturday at the Olympic Park was as charming and polite as the most diplomatic of diplomats. This is sounding increasingly like a newspaper editorial so I shall end will a call to arms; move aside Will Self & Andrew Gilligan and (to paraphrase the words of John F. Kennedy) ask not what you can get from the Olympics but ย how you can engage with them. JFK’s line sounded better but you know what I mean. Let the Games begin!

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  1. If you ever drive IOC members, look out for my friend Adam!
    I’ll be at the stadium on 4th August, what are the chances of bumping into you? Do you have your mobile on you?

    • Will do! I’m not working on the 4th; day off and I’ll be at home watching on the TV like most other people but I’ll look out for you from my sofa ๐Ÿ™‚

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