Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 4

Monday 16th July
Angers to Chinon: 4 hours 50 min, 88km

“The day started with me on the side of the road, dismantling my front mudguard. I was trying to figure out how to align it correctly so that it did not touch the tyre. What baffled me even more was how the night before it was perfectly fine and aligned. I donโ€™t know what goes on at night while a bike is locked upright to a pole, but issues always seem to appear in the morning.

Riding back into Angers, I locate the Orange store and munch on a croissant while I wait for it to open. I get my sim card finally and a neat little package that gives you unlimited data/Internet for a week for just โ‚ฌ5!

I pass through the town of Saumur, it has its own chateau set up on the hill that reminds me of the cartoon version of beauty and the beast, that we used to watch as kids, my thoughts turn to the French candlestick, Lumiere. Other attractions in Saumur include a tank museum and a museum of mushrooms. The buildings are all built out of large white stone and further past Saumur they are actually cut into the cliff face.

I decide to go off the Eurovelo 6 and spend the night in Chinon. There is a massive campsite that sits across the river from the main town and looks upon the magnificent chรขteau. What a view! I set up my tent, had a shower and took my pannier-free bike for a trip into town. Wow, what an amazing little town. I donโ€™t know what it is about it, but I will definitely revisit tomorrow morning. I found a little cafe near the campsite and ordered a beer. I sat outside looking at the chรขteau across the river as the evening sun began to set.”

Matt Krog

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