Morgan Ruffini & The Eurovelo 5: Metz

An update from Morgan who is cycling the Eurovelo 5;

“Arrived in Metz yesterday from Verdun; got two days of rain from Reims-Verdun 120km; Verdun-Metz 66km and got completely wet so I decided to stay in Metz today to dry my stuff; however I went to the Centre Pompidu as I am passionate of art: had a walk around and the sky has cleared, hopefully tomorrow does not rain as I have to make it to Dabo.”

Further updates to follow. To read all the posts from Morgan, follow this link.

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  1. Hi All and Hi Andrew,

    Made it last week on Wed 25th, after 1470km and 19 days I made to Parma. It was late but glad to arrive welcomed by a group of Greek friends celebrating with drinks and hugs! Then to recover went to spend a long weekend at Cinque Terre in Liguria. Now back to business to organise the move from London and to face a bigger chanllege…find a job in Parma. Since Metz I just pedalled, could find internet point, was tired, worried of the S.Gottard pass and then Swisszerlad wasn’t great. I have a lots of thoughts which I will post at later stage when settled here. However I must say that I loved cycling in France, the plate du jour, cote du rhone and the cycle paths in quite little towns, France is a country to cycle and I will return!
    Thank you very much Andrew for your advise, encouragement and your book which has been very handful for the whole trip!

  2. You dry yet?? By my reckoning, you should be in Lucerne about now. Brilliant town. Good cheese festival.

    Forza, baby. Forza. We miss you. x

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